Drupal for Humanists by Quinn Dombrowski is intended for scholars, librarians, museum and archive professionals, and others with a humanistic background who want to build robust digital projects using the open source content management system Drupal. Forthcoming from Texas A&M Press, it will be the first book in the new Coding for Humanists series, which provides an introduction to technologies applicable to digital humanities scholarship, without assuming the reader has prior technical background. Interested in contributing to the series? Contact series co-editors Laura Mandell and Quinn Dombrowski.

This book is a significant expansion of, and improvement on, the open access early drafts that have been posted on this site since 2013, and are still available through the Wayback Machine. Over the next year, excerpts from the book will be posted to the site. In addition, there is a great deal of further information about Drupal modules, configuration, and tips and tricks for building Drupal sites that extends beyond the maximum feasible word count for the book. This information, too, will be posted on an ongoing basis, and contributions will be solicited from the community of humanities Drupal users and developers.