Cutting words is the hardest part

  • Posted on: 14 July 2015
  • By: quinn
Too much text

With the deadline a few days away, I've been spending every spare waking minute on wrapping up the Drupal for Humanists book. Last night I finished the review and editing pass over all the draft chapters, removing all the notes to myself and reminders to fill in the section numbers for sections that hadn't yet been written. Unfortunately, even after extracting 5,894 words' worth of sections (all of which will be posted to this site in the coming months), the book is still 1,382 words over the limit, meaning it's time for some hard choices about what to move to the website.

By this time tomorrow, the manuscript will be off to Texas A&M Press, and I'll call it done for now. Which means that after I catch up on some sleep, the work will start on adding more content to the website. Stay tuned.