The Drupal for Humanists continues to expand with additional materials. 

If you're looking for the images and data to import into the example site are also linked under chapter 14.


The following table includes a randomly-selected set of the modules used in Drupal for Humanists and on the site. Click the "more" link to see the full list, which can be filtered by category.

Module Category Description page
Field Group Fields, Display

Allows you to group the display of fields, on the data input form and/or when displaying the content.

Module page
Password Reset Landing Page Security

Improves the lost password process by allowing users to set up a new password as soon as they log in with their temporary link.

Module page
Views Autocomplete Filters Views

Provides an autocomplete option for exposed filters using title fields or other text fields in Views.

Module page
Two-Factor Authentication Security

Enables two-factor authentication (e.g. requiring users to enter their password, and also a code texted to the user's cell phone).

Module page
CCK Blocks Display

Provides a Drupal block for each field in a content type.

Module page