The Drupal for Humanists continues to expand with additional materials. 

If you're looking for the images and data to import into the example site are also linked under chapter 14.


The following table includes a randomly-selected set of the modules used in Drupal for Humanists and on the site. Click the "more" link to see the full list, which can be filtered by category.

Module Category Description page
UUID Export, Import

Universally Unique IDentifier, makes it possible to maintain connections between different entities (e.g. nodes that refer to one another, nodes that point to a taxonomy term) when they're exported or imported.

Module page
Views Bulk Operations Content editing, Views

Allows you to edit field values and other metadata for multiple entities (nodes, users, etc.) at once, using Views.

Module page
Node Access User Reference Fields, Permissions

Works with a User Reference field (from the References module) to provide access to an otherwise-restricted node to the referenced user.

Module page
Superfish Menus, Display

Enables drop-down menus; fairly mobile-friendly.

Module page
Feeds Extensible Parsers Import

Provides parsers for importing from XML, HTML, and JSON.

Module page