The Drupal for Humanists continues to expand with additional materials. 

If you're looking for the images and data to import into the example site are also linked under chapter 14.


The following table includes a randomly-selected set of the modules used in Drupal for Humanists and on the site. Click the "more" link to see the full list, which can be filtered by category.

Module Category Description page
Views Bulk Operations Content editing, Views

Allows you to edit field values and other metadata for multiple entities (nodes, users, etc.) at once, using Views.

Module page
TB Mega Menu Menus, Display

Allows you to create multi-column drop-down menus (mega menus).

Module page
Entity translation Multilingual

Enables the translation of individual entities (things with fields, like nodes, taxonomy terms, or users.)

Module page
Backup and Migrate Site maintenance

Allows you to easily back up your site (code, database, and/or files) to your own computer or to an external cloud service.

Module page
Nodequeue Misc

Allows you to define an arbitrary group of nodes, and arrange them in an arbitrary order.

Module page